and Deposits

In order to reserve your date, a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 and a completed reservation form are required. All event details must be finalized and the event contract completed a minimum of three weeks before the event date. Deposits will be applied to the total bill. The entire event fee will be due a minimum of seven days prior to the event. Please contact our Dance Pavilion Department at emckay@oakspark.com or 503-206-4024 to schedule a tour or make a reservation.




Oaks Park will ensure that the Dance Pavilion has been prepared as a clean, ready to use space, by the start of the contracted setup time. Oaks Park will provide setup, teardown, and cleanup of any materials rented from Oaks Park or included in the room rental fee. Oaks Park's setup, teardown, and cleaning will, as reasonable, take place outside of the rental period. Pavilion Event is responsible for all setup and teardown of materials not belonging to Oaks Park.





The Dance Pavilion is available for rental between 5:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. The Pavilion Event may not enter the Dance Pavilion until the start of the contracted setup time. Early entrance will incur additional charges. The Dance Pavilion must be vacated, with all of the Pavilion Event's property removed, by the end of the contracted teardown time. The Pavilion Event is responsible for bussing tables, placing disposable materials in the provided receptacles, removal of decorations, removal of materials from kitchen, etc. unless specifically contracted for provision by Oaks Park. Failure to vacate the room at the contracted time, and/or remove or dispose of all materials not belonging to Oaks Park, will result in additional charges.




All beverages must be purchased from Oaks Park. Neither the Pavilion Event nor its participants may bring any beverages into The Oaks Park Dance Pavilion. Alcohol must be served by Oaks Park Staff. No hard liquor is permitted. Repeated confiscation of outside alcohol will result in immediate termination of the event with no refunds.



Kitchen Use

The Pavilion Event will have access to the counter spaces, refrigerator, freezer (subject to availability), sinks, ovens, and range. The dishwasher and coffee maker may only be used by Oaks Park staff. Unless specifically contracted, no other materials in the kitchen may be used by the Pavilion Event or their outside caterer, including, but not limited to: china; silverware; serving utensils; chafing dishes; pots and pans; platters; serving bowls; etc. Additional fees will be charged to the Pavilion Event for use of any non-contracted kitchen materials. The Pavilion Event will have access to disposable food storage materials, hand washing soap, paper towels, and bar towels in the Pavilion kitchen.




Homemade, potluck-style, grocery store catering, and pizza delivery catering are welcome at no additional charge.
Outside caterers are welcome. The Pavilion Event will be charged a fee of 15% of the outside catering invoice total. An outside catering fee deposit of $3.75 per anticipated guest is required in advance. Any deposit funds in excess of the 15% fee will be refunded to the Pavilion Event within 10 business days of the event date. All outside caterers are required to enter into a separate agreement with Oaks Park and supply a certificate of liability insurance naming Oaks Park as additional insured. It is the responsibility of the Pavilion Event to supply Oaks Park with contact information for all outside caterers a minimum of four weeks before the event date. Outside caterers must return their completed contract a minimum of three weeks before the event date, and an itemized invoice must be submitted to Oaks Park a minimum of seven days before the event, or outside catering will be prohibited. Outside catering includes full service, drop-off, pickup, and to go orders. Oaks Park is not responsible for outside caterers' equipment, and all equipment belonging to outside caterers must be removed by the conclusion of the contracted time.
Oaks Park also offers excellent in-house catering.



Audiovisual Equipment and Lighting 

Rental of the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion includes use of a CD changer, Mackie mixing board with MP3/laptop hookup, 2 speakers, and a wired microphone. Pavilion Event must supply all CDs and MP3/laptop connector cables. All professional DJs and live performers must sign a separate agreement with Oaks Park. A minimum of four weeks before the event date, the Pavilion Event must supply Oaks Park management with contact information for all performers/DJs. The Performer Agreement will be due a minimum of three weeks before the event. Professional performers/DJs must supply their own equipment. Failure to notify Oaks Park of professional performer participation according to the above stipulations will result in immediate termination of the event with no refunds. Oaks Park reserves the right to monitor volume; at no point may the volume in the room exceed 90 decibels when measured at the bar.  Instruction regarding sound must be complied with, or termination of the event, without refunds, may ensue. For the safety of event guests, Oaks Park requires adequate lighting as determined by the room attendant. Use of a projection screen is included in the room rental fee. Screen is compatible with front projection only. Pavilion Event is responsible for supplying projector, laptop, cables to connect to the sound system, etc.




Oaks Park must pre-approve all decorations. No bubble machines, confetti cannons, rice, or pyrotechnics will be permitted. Oaks Park property may not be moved or altered. No decorations may be anchored to, or suspended from, any surface, including the ceiling, without express, written consent of Oaks Park Management. Only painter's or gaffer's tape, or Command 3M removable hooks may be used on any surfaces; no other adhesives, nor any tape, nails, screws, tacks, etc., may be used. Candles may be used when contained in glass votives taller than the flame.




Parking will be in Oaks Park general parking. Drop-off access will be available during setup/teardown time and for guests with special needs. For summer events, a later event time is recommended to provide a more convenient parking situation for your guests.




Damage to, or loss of, Oaks Park's property due to negligence or misuse will be charged to your event.